at this level at the chief executive officer level of apple where tim cook called me and i treated him like a crank caller, and i was telekinetically informed through the islamic telekinetic, i say the glory be, the our father, and the hail mary, i say rosaries and in my prayer life i took out migs, yes we can sense each other’s magnetic fields, i use my rosary like a tool to take out migs in my brain, and everyone just acts like it’s not personal, when it can’t get any more personal, over providing a service, LEARN HOW TO DO TELEKINISIS, i disavow all knowledge of ever taking a human form, at a level where in my post life, i take my soul and walk to the end of mearl avenue and do a soul jump, and walk back into kathleen reigle, i disavow all knowledge of being here, i have a place i go when i die that is close by