yeah mark kerbo gave me all my christian music industry connects to plan a christian rock concert that had me photographed by jimmy bolden at city beat on the front steps of north college hill after i read a time magazine article about a woman that was raising money to free slaves in sudan and so i picked up that magazine and was like bet i’ll take my first business plan which took me 6 attrocious thoughts of work, to be like planning a rock concert now takes like a day, but in 18, it was like THEE hardest thing to plan, and i worked my way through the cobol of my brain, to give myself operating procedures, and like i did punch a hole through a wall and missed breaking my hand by 6 inches, and like you can’t even tell now unless you use spectrographic analysis of the dry wall in the front stairs of 6923 mearl ave, punched a hole through, rock, and like, the insyderz was what doug klein was pissed off wasn’t on napster, and he was like fuck napster it doesn’t have every song, and like yeah assembly of god, i basically trained in the music industry in church at 18, and i picked up the magazine and called her on the phone and talked to her, and she was like, yeah christian solidarity international, and i was like freeing slaves,

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