What is this, okay spirit science, alright i got a taste of it, and now i’m like this, i’m like that’s like the tropics of rhetoric, I know it won’t do nothing, but, like, looks like Proctor and Gamble, with frozen fingers I type, with frozen fingers I type, we need heat, I got, https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSpiritScience, It’s a lecture, in really noticing, the lack of the connection of the brain to the neck, spirit science is the necklace head, it could be nova multiverse theory quality, like if spirit science was given the stephen spielberg, same audio track, show you something, about production value, the brain can be hypnotized, hard to break out of that, matrix, so you take a cube – a cylinder + a scaled (1) cylinder + a razor wire cutter + a thinoing that has four inlet and pinions the scaled (1) = centric in (cube – cylinder) + vat of molten plastic flows |plastic graphical anomoly| = into the space between ~ razor cuts up and down at regular what size sir, and i can get you straight pipes now with 1 piece of custom equipment, no, I can’t get corners, maybe a taste of spirit science fronting as word of mouth when it comes to meridians


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