Yes I did commit one act of espionage, and spent 4 years wondering if that’s where the robots came from, the sim people, when I was in east longmeadow massachussetts and ran into tracy nowak with the cookies 5 years after i ran into her in london england and didn’t make out with her directly underneath THEE eiffel tower, and got pissed at her, for being blonde and unromantic, and then at hasbro games, i mysteriously deleted 15 works of former daap students, and started crying after darth vader showed up with the storm troopers, and then i didn’t get head from a hasbro security guard that looked like boston, and she did talk to me through the speaker system, and I did go to the east longmeadow night club and marveled at their mix tapes and loved the night life and drove drunk and did get roofied at the hookilau, and probably was on the local news, and was my chat room where i did run into a former lover at summit behavioral and a former high school classmate, and she did stand me up in albany new york, and i did give IBM a consultation on napster, told em it was bad, did lars ulrich’s work for him, and like yeah, apparently parents can be told it’s understable if you don’t want your kid to go to any school, that’s where the meat gets it’s unique personality and some parents might want their kids normal

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