yeah and then i did live at old saint george for 2 years of religious training as a stupid atheist that didn’t or hand’t found god yet, and it was choice, and cross was there, and that cathedral, i mopped it like 50 times, and i did live in a monestary and did run into ben the bruderhof that changed the light bulb in the basement that has outkast like physique as a white kid, and like yeah i did do school work there, and did try to fuck emily wyatt who wouldn’t fuck me because she said she whored too much, and like now a german studies phd student, and like yeah, like i did live in a cathedral for 2 years of free rent, and like daniel did pose for a school project, and like i did do the music video in that flawless set basement and they did professor hafer called it 1980’s techno hatred, and like i didn’t care i just decided to leave daap because of that and then they boned me up on php, and i knew i was going to fail and like none of my credits transfered to mcmicken so i had to zone out for 6 more years of ease and life, and like mcmicken hella easier than daap that’s why i went there, and like yeah i did defend a blonde norm against all lgbt hatred and flipped 4 feminism classrooms on she normal you a freak, and like there was abortion training and i hated them, and like there was a pastor that did this, yeah this guy that i hated was there every spring and the book store tent did let me know i was clear as a scientologist because i told him i was

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