So like london was like cool went in blind, like, okay didn’t notice signe larson needed to hypnotize me to leave the united states at daap, was really into daap and now i have this black block of memory like my other black block of memory that helps me understand why i failed 14 classes out of 110 which still gives me an A not plus, but when you so blacked out on drugs you leave for london from your trade school, and years later you wonder why, and then you i mean i took the n17 every day in london, and took the 17 cincinnati, and then yeah i went to the end, ministry of sound, was dane cook’s joke that i did just want to dance, and i was like THEE white kid that was like let’s go DANCE and like yeah i made out with most women i was with at the night club, made out with more women than anyone else and searched for adam jensen on the internet every day for 20 years and he was a house dj, and like the one dude i sort of flaked on him in terms of going to normandy the beaches in france and opted instead to go to the canary islands where adam and me met a couple and well back in london i didn’t sleep with her and i did make out with chrstine and amy took my virginity and zoe had me testing my semen the night before i went to san francisco for a documentary that marcus evans tried to steal and i stole it back the vhs footage and i did do a music video for a langston hughes poem, and my sidebar just moved so this probably isn’t going live, and yeah millions of people have stories of international travel, and so do i and like a subset of the population that failed high school thinks i’m a god because their bar can’t handle bt on the juke box, truth or dare, truth, and i did meet the anti christ in london named adrian pinnock, and i did point out that mental patients are the leaders of war, and i did walk around naked in london because a cat asked me to follow it that i couldn’t explain, and blue, the british pop boy did this song, to defend itself from my lips, and like it’s honor or something, and like yeah, like i think the top of the pops is hot, and like i don’t know maybe they should have let me throw my christian solidarity international fundraiser to free slaves, and like in the psych ward in london i did clean off the crusty shit off the toilet with my bare hands and like i did take minty baths with toothpaste and like he did tell me i was in babylon and i did give irfan my entire wardrobe, and like @truth, not dare, and like i just reak strange, because no one ever asked me to stay but i probably should have canceled my plans because the finest sarah lunged in on my for a kiss before i left for london and like i did write her a letter when i came back at biago’s bistro, and like i did eat sandwiches with her on the hood of my car because i am into cool dates, and like yeah, now the casino is here, and warren buffet did invest $5000 in a north college hill kid’s invention that helped him with writing and i voted on it and he won, and like ya’ll do use astronomy as a secret language to monitor society’s stage


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