i got it down like this, a human body is composed of a male and female component of the same form, with the testicles and the ovaries being evidence of a pure human form, to procreate the species, a testicle descends or an ovaria ascends, and the testicle head tissue is the same as the female g spot tissue, you do have to insert your dick into the vagina at the right length to massage the tissue of the female inner penis head, the testicles of the man and the ovaries of the woman are evidence of a human form that propogates itself, through, i don’t know how it started, but contemporary, life, dictates that well, at this point we, have men with man minds, men with female minds, women with male minds and women with women minds, i’m a man with a man mind, and i need a woman with a woman mind, even though, this sher, that’s african and cute, will do, i don’t need my adopted kids asking too many questions, like, where’s dad, i mean i didn’t know this was a way to do it, but some women have it all figured out

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