My first feature length pixar hilarious dramady about an invasion to earth, I wrote a script with 4 story lines interweaving just to be a masterpiece about it, i did it in one take, and held four storylines in my head and interweaved, them i left room for creative control of the production team by not micro managing anything, i understand script writing to be the art of inspiring a production team


Chapter 1:

Opening: The Cincinnati Zoo is in the process of finalizing the paperwork for turning Fountain Square into a place where people can drop their pets off that they want to have adopted.

Middle: Someone gets a Light from CNN on their PlasticI implant that lets it be known a massive spaceship filled with hyper conscious spiders is on it’s way to landing in Antarctica.

Ending: Someone calls a Grippo’s representative just to make certain they are financing the deal.

Chapter 2:

Opening : Opens his eyes laying in a bed surrounded by 4000 bottles of liquor that have yet to be opened. A weasel wakes him up. He’s just laying there blinking off and on for some time.

Middle: He clicks the ceiling on and lays down staring at middle of the line 3Delio sphericurviture upglass computer to book his Super Zip to the show. He finally decides to do something.

End: He steps outside of his and into a Super Zip that takes him to the stage.

Chapter 3:

Opening: He is pulls his MasterFulls from their diamond glass holding case and clicks them on with his tongue.

Middle: He has a drink at the Starbucks in the Horseshoe Casino one super thick hottie tot.

Closing: He takes the stage and gives the audience a show.

Chapter 4:

Opening: Spiderifica Ohmywoses was at the helm. It was articulating the need to land in near the penguin troupe.

Middle: The Spiders land.

End: CNN dispatches a Camera crew into a Pliff and they make their way to the landing.

Chapter 5:

Opening: Someone is in use of the Creative Suite on the Infinitium in Fountain Square.

Middle: They are manipulating a live image of themselves in Adobe Premiere of themselves from three different angles from three different cameras.

End: Someone comes up and introduces themselves and says hello.

Chapter 6:

Opening: The Northside Tavern is holding a show for rappers that are vying for a month’s drink tab.

Middle: Chinook Sentience takes off on his song that is Revolutions and our need for it.

End: Romeo signs him to a record deal after buying him more drinks than Chinook should have drank.

Chapter 7:

Opening: A department head for the Cincinnati Zoo is walking around the zoo observing the dogs and cats that are walking around noticing how astutely the small robots that clean up the fecile do their job.

Middle: He notices one of the robots was picked up and punted by a young adult.

End: He lets the young adult know that he has to go pick up the robot and that he would appreciate in very strong words if he would not do that.

Chapter 8:

Opening: Lucius calls his woman Lucille and asks her if she wanted to meet for lunch at Melt.

Middle: She let’s him know she can’t and that she can’t see him anymore.

Ending: Lucius becomes morose and lays on the ground staring at his ceiling listening to the Tron Soundtrack by Daft Punk trying to figure out how to win her back, sadly.

Chapter 9:

Opening: Lucile is on WordPress working on her story.

Middle: She notices she has fewer views on her website than she had previously.

End: She decides to get to the bottom of it.

Chapter 10:

Opening: CNN Reports that 16 spiders that are apparently drones have come out of the clearly Fathership and that they each have 24 legs.

Middle: Three of them slowly approach a penguin and surround it.

End: They lock four of their arms with each other and begin to close in.

Chapter 11:

Opening: Lucius makes his way to the Infinitium.

Middle: He opens his account and pulls up his performance files only to notice apparently his account has been hacked.

End: He pulls up the cPanel to check back access to the database.

Chapter 12:

Opening: A Cincinnati Zoo Cleric notices that their Kickstarter Ongoing Numbers are up.

Middle: He wonders.

End: Based on what he can tell, apparently Lucius has been doing some work at the Casino on behalf of the Cincinnati Zoo.

Chapter 13:

Opening: Lucille calls the CenterI and requests to speak with an TeamI representative and when she does she discovers that she did not have one less view, she got a downvote.

Middle: Lucille discusses how this should have been made more clear that they were votes and not views.

End: She is instructed to read the instruction file that she firmly admits she has not done yet.

Chapter 14:

Opening: A pack of penguins notices that one of the penguins are clearly in trouble.

Middle: 4200 penguins form a circle around the 3 twenty four armed spiders that have formed a circle around the penguin. The other drones retreat.

End: A lot of standing around and the Fathership is starting to glow.

Chapter 15:

Opening: Spiderifica Ohymywoses notices the imminent trouble with getting the penguin on board the Fathership.

Middle: She gets up out of her chair having read the manual on penguin nomenclature, she decides she had better give a speech.

End: The penguins notice a lovely eight legged spideress walking out onto the ice.

Chapter 16:

Opening: Lucius is on stage with his Masterful Spheres and he is producing a juggliaria.

Middle: He does the trick he always does at the show and drops a floating sphere into the hands of an audience member and brings her on stage.

End: She tells him she wants to see him after the show.

Chapter 17:

Opening: That night Chanook makes his way into the recording studio that broadcasts live through the Live Event Podcast to the entire planet.

Middle: He actually has a problem with the standard backing track that everyone sings to.

End: He loses his deal that day.

Chapter 18:

Opening: A Grippo’s head is standing on stage in Fountain Square making the opening final announcement that every time you drop an animal off to run around in Fountain Square a Cincinnati Zoo attendant will take it to the Cincinnati Zoo.

Middle: A SPCA representative gets upset knowing that the final nail is in the coffin and they lament that they have to participate as part of the festivities by bringing all of their animals for the opening.

End: 200 Zookeepers from the around the United States show up to show support for this ground breaking initiative and assist with the adopting of the now zoo animals that are in attendance.

Chapter 19:

Opening: Lucille writes a post letting her readers on WordPress know that at the very least they could write her a message letting her know they have a problem with her writing she would be happy to change it.

Middle: Someone writes back quickly that it’s just as easy to downvote her writing.

End: She writes them back that that is not even helpful and they retort with the idea that the vote buttons are there for a reason and she hrumphs.

Chapter 20:

Opening: The Spiderifica Ohmywoses makes a grand speech to the penguins of antarctica stating that there is a good reason to adopt the penguin because antarctica is so cold.

Middle: The penguins rally and attack the drones who then lower, stop, and jump to safety.

End: The penguin that was going to be adopted makes it’s way back to the pack.

Chapter 21:

Opening: Lucius ends his show and goes backstage.

Middle: The woman that he handed the ball to was awaiting him.

End: She gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Chapter 22:

Opening: Lucille calls Lucius and let’s him know she was having a bad day and wants to get back together.

Middle: Lucius lets her know that he wants to get married.

End: She accepts and says he has to get rid of his liquor bottle collection.

Chapter 23:

Opening: CNN Reports that the penguins are all safe now but it appears that 2000 mini spiders have produced some small boats that they are making their ways to the coast of Antarctica with quite quickly and they appear to be making their way into the ocean.

Middle: CNN notices there is a very small spider on the windshield of the Pliff and they use the wiper blades to get rid of it.

End: Fourteen very large spiders start to sprint for the Pliff as CNN jumps in and starts the rotater blades.

Chapter 24:

Opening: The Cincinnati Zookeepers make their way ceremoniously to the Cincinnati Zoo where they drive the trucks into the open plot of land in the center of it where they let all of the animals go.

Middle: One of the dogs is afraid to leave the truck.

End: A Cincinnati Zoo Keeper picks it up and walks it out of the truck letting it know, it’s alright.

Chapter 25:

Opening: Lucius calls a priest from Saint Margaret Mary and requests that he oversee a marriage ceremony at the Horseshoe Casino in two weeks.

Middle: Lucille tries on her dress she saved from the last time she called the wedding off.

End: Lucius makes the announcement that he is marrying Lucille to the audience and someone requests his presence at the poker table.

Chapter 26:

Opening: Chanook is confused and has to have it explained to him what he is not going to experience.

Middle: Chanook explains it’s a terrible backing track.

End: Chanook has it explained to him that it’s a backing track that has a Grammy Associated with it and that it’s Cincinnati’s standard backing track at this point and it’s never going to change.

Chapter 27:

Opening: The spiders that have left the ship are now making their way into the water around the coast of Antarctica in an outward spiral pattern towards the full coastline.

Middle: CNN can’t handle the situation and makes it’s way back to the mainland.

End: The entire planet has to decide whether or not it’s going to be afraid of 4000 1″ x 1″ by 2″ boats making their way into the water, it could take years before they get anywhere.

Chapter 28:

Opening: That night there is an overnight slumber party with the new animals and most of the animals are adopted that night.

Middle: Someone points out that maybe all of the animals should stay at the zoo.

End: The Cincinnati Zoo laments how the SPCA is taking them to court.

Chapter 29:

Opening: Lucile writes in her WordPress that she is getting married at the Horseshoe Casino.

Middle: Her readers all let her know that they will be there, except for the people that let her know her marriage is going to fail.

End: She writes everyone back the date and time of the wedding and the dress code.

Chapter 30:

Opening: The Spiderifica Ohymywoses lets the spiders in their boats know to dive straight down once they reach the coast and to bring back the deepest ice samples they can find.

Middle: She laments that if she can’t bring back a penguin she is going to steal their ice.

End: CNN reports erroneously that the spiders are making their way for the continents everyone gets afraid on the planet.

Chapter 31:

Opening: Lucius takes Lucille into his arms in his chateau he just closed on from Drees and he lets her know her G-String has to stay on until they get married.

Middle: She lets him know the G-String is coming off.

End: He lets her know it’s not.

Chapter 32:

Opening: The Mayor of the City of Cincinnati let’s the SPCA know that it’s not going to have it’s day in court.

Middle: The SPCA lets it be known that this is no way to function as a city.

End: The Mayor lets the SPCA know that that is not true.

Chapter 33:

Opening: Chanook let’s notices that there are some spiders that landed in Antarctica from a space ship and remarks, that they just want some ice.

Middle: His girl friend lets him know that they are going to take over the planet.

End: He lets her know that they just want some ice.

Chapter 34:

Opening: Lucius is reviewing the Infinitium logs and he realizes it’s someone from Dayton, Ohio that intervened in his files and he only knows one person that could have done it or that would want to do it and it’s this guy that said he was going to get even with him for not closing his account the way he wanted it closed ceremoniosly.

Middle: Lucius shows Lucille what has happened and she pulls up the cPanel and unleashes a virus on the culprit that looks like it came from as he predicted Dayton, Ohio because as Lucius knows, she is a very astute hacker.

End: Lucius pays Lucille $2,000 for her white collar work and she takes the money and spends it at the Horseshoe Casino at the Poker table.

Chapter 35:

Opening: Chanook realizes that alright, maybe, just maybe he can work with the city’s backing track and they let him know his first audio on the backing track has to be about how amazing the backing track is.

Middle: Chanook grits his teeth.

End: He unleashes an aria that he only ever said he would perform live and he just leaves it on the mic.

Chapter 36:

Opening: Spiderifica Ohmywoses let’s it be known that there is trouble coming and they need to bring the ice back immediately wherever they are at in their ice picking.

Middle: As the birds of Antarctica have begun to frenzy at the sight of the spiders and they are dive bombing the spiders but the spiders are faster than the birds to the chagrin of the birds.

End: Spiderifica Ohmywoses makes certain all of the spiders are back on board and that the ice is safe.

Chapter 37:

Opening: One dog did not get adopted at the ceremonious Cincinnati Zoo’s “Adoption of the Animals” Festival and it’s an adult male pit bull.

Middle: The Cincinnati Zoo decides it can stay.

End: The Pit Bull looks around and starts playing with one of the zoo keepers.

Chapter 38:

Opening: It’s the day of the wedding at the Horseshoe Casino. The spiders take off in their space ship. The pit bull is at home. Chanook gets on the mic.

Middle: The audience buys the audience a round of drinks at the Rock Lounge. The spiders let the ants know that even the penguins can defend themselves. The pit bull escapes from the zoo through an unlocked door. Chanook sings his heart out.

End: Lucius takes off Lucilles g-string for the first time and she says he frustrated her for too long. The ants decide to colonize Mars since it wasn’t easy to get the penguin. The zoo keepers scatter in all directions looking for the pit bull. Chanook signs his record deal and gets the free studio house he didn’t know was in his deal to lounge in as part of Vitae Productions.


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