Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and Happy Hannukah and Happy Quan or Qwansa and Happy At a Glance Callendars in Mississippi, if you want to do business with Mississippi, get with At A Glance you can request a photo of David Banner on David Banner’s birthday if you want in full color glossy if you want and you can get Christmas on Sunday and not Monday if you want, and you can ask them for a creole spice mix if you do business with at a glance, and I know how to do this but I do not know how to write like the authors of the pilot episode of cheers, I don’t know how to do that, and it was last year in february that i was up for Playwright of the Shakespeare theatre Festival because of a play I wrote the year prior, I was offered a contract but it never came through, so I got carbon monoxide poisoning and my esophagus burned and then i bee lined downtown get hemmed up at the summit and then went to kemper house and then ended up in a men’s shelter last month, and then I unloaded on a school graduated a school, and then I reapproached my approach to the city of cincinnati, from revenge, to what if I did something I was trained for like playwriting, simple one page scripts, that inspire most of the work in rehearsal, where if I worked with the foundations of shakespearean, writing, I graduated from godshalk at Uc, but then I guess hakiym and i had a shakespearan relationship, lots of shakespearean training this year

This One Belongs To the Reds


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