Bold Statement . in a world where for the last dillion tillions we buried em in mausoleums i stand firm with the mausoluem … you take a granite encasement and you place the body in it and to the intensity of importance of the man or woman in the tomb a sufficiently difficult to move headstone is placed on top . mausoleums have it correct and the final theory is as you are dying bring you back to life . basically a natural burial and we return to insects . nothing wrong with a natural burial . it’s the pilot neuron you need to save and in 20,000 years be able to grow human hosts to implant the pilot neuron into … there’s no excuse for killing someone to give someone else a body so you take a pilot neuron and you place it in a petri dish and WAIT for the host to arrive you can implant in … dedicated to the pilot neuron the thing that uses the rest of the body like a tool … look i don’t see extras i just see people that are set like brin zuck and lawson have gargantuan world loads so we hire people that have no worries to help us with the shit we fear the most . makes a great movie explains why people appear out of thin air i thought they were sim people

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