Yesterday …

Okay so when getting set fell on my shoulders …

I went downtown cincinnati in municipal greater cincinnati from 411 gest street and i walked a meandering path downtown and checked out my hideout and came up with a part time job at that pays $125,000 a year to get me engaged with downtown and then I went to church for the second time at the salvation army and gave them my salute and then i got the phone number for lofts at 646 8505 at the lofts on central parkway for a studio right up the street from the emery apartments at 651 – 1999 @ and then at the game i gave a piece of property to 4 suburbanites at the bengal’s game i did a show for tail gating and i have a vision for 605 3rd street to be the BLINK recording studio so long as I clean up the 5 metric tons of debri surrounding the building

i insalled myself downtown in cincinnati as my first installation project for and no one did anything for me i just know how easy it is to move and i could live here until my cash lines up or my city could recognize business for business and give itself it’s future

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