We went to bed at 11am and then this short little annoying african american thing came in at 6am sharp and let us know she needed volunteers to empty out the lockers and I shot up to work and gave her a flawless 2 foot from chest salute that let her know I qualify for search and seizure and inspections and classifications and all purpose exploratories and she just looked at me and said know and then i looked her in the eye and was like FRAUD and then it hit me you can’t even know what fraud is until it comes out your mouth in this museum installation of a homeless shelter filled with check collecting no one’s that don’t get people housing within 3 days of staying here treat this place like some kind of extended night club and fraud is just annoying and i always knew i didn’t get along with fraud with the donation badge hanging on the wall talking about the millions it takes too build a place like this when i got it clocked at a clean $75,000 and fraud is just something that needs to stop because the buddy gray picture on the wall the worse location for the homeless that the drop in shelter was a better location for homelessness than the mens’s shelter and i get you got a problem with people that got less cash than you mister and misses my grandfather’s inheritance but in case you didn’t know it’s hard to get started when you in tight wad central and like fraud is the kind of thing that lets the federal government know that yes we are up to spec in sentence but in reality are not i am calling for a dropping of the air duct system an installation of the ventilated windows and a changing of a purpose to the corner scanner to become a general purpose scanner and i went to church growing up and i know it’s important to go to church in a city thing i never understood in a city with 15 yellow page books filled with church why it even has problems

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