alright fine i get the medications i get that, i get the pharmaceuticals, i get the fake euphorias, my take on mental illness is work out, i’ll leave it at that, goodbye eli lilly, hello lilly allen, the new eli lilly allen, and the lsd they piped through the air ventilation in this men’s shelter that is a gas chamber that at night gets too coated with carbon dioxide, i currently live in a nazi german gas chamber in german town cincinnati ohio, which bills itself to itself as a german town, and i could be a tow truck driver without giving a fuck, i could, at this point, but like when you walk in somewhere and can’t even see it, and then three months later you realize you are in an unventilated gas chamber and you tap cpd like this ceiling metal is scrap and it’s trade for gilkey windows to get breeze in here, and they did pipe lsd in here as parfum the day after i pointed out to a tour group of cincinnati wealth that this place is where they pipe in the neurotoxin and then he made a call and had the neurotoxin piped in and this air is stale, and this year invisible is my favorite song by clay aiken, fuck cincinnati’s german heritage, i’m prussian, we never die

I would recommend cincinnati ohio do a thorough check on all of it’s air ventilation systems in this german town and use an eye of common sense and realize that air ducts are what makes a german town german, you really don’t need air conditioning

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