Ascii Art 2

this kid just needs to be told it’s how you feel on the inside about yourself and then he needs to be told that feeling he has with those johnson and johnson no tears finest soap there ever was soap soap soap fuck you i do need cash this a johnson and johnson commercial at this point and no tears that kid feels the way i wish i felt in heaven that happens to me every month for the last 30 years

after failing an iq test for proctor and gamble on a level where i didn’t know what the fuck to do about a fucking can of coca cola in a da fuck you got the kind of cash to spend on a cafeteria proctor and gamble there i just saved you an INFINITY for then next eternity just fucking be so corporate and budget cutting you cut your fucking cafeteria, gayest thing you can’t fucking possibly be a c corp with a cafeteria and i never heard of johnson and johnson having one and fuck you i’ll work for johnson and johnson and brand nut soap and it just that for when she develop a need for you to have nut soap johnson and johnson style OVER feeking feeking corporate headquarters of the united steaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayes you gay pricks that only give a fuck about what come out yo blow hole you gay pricks any ways and fuck you johnson and johnson and johnson for spending a dime on a different brand than this original bottle and it is the finest soap jj abrams


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