Computer Science: REAL : Computer Science: I am the Alpha Male in Cincinnati, Ohio that spent the most time working on his website and I am still alive, Still a Computer Scientist, a real one, I am reprogramming Cincinnati, Ohio, as I see fit, with, AAAND, I’m still alive, REAL COMPUTER SCIENCE, is a man in a small town with a website publishing to that small town, GOOD LUCK! to the first 4 generations of Computer Scientists …

Just had my first professional experience that I feel was my first professional experience, it was the difference between the clients that I forced myself on to to get the experience, the clients that asked me to do something for them that I just shot them the work out, and the first client that asked me in a certain way if he could show him how to do something, and I said you mean so that you don’t need me, and he said yes, and I said well, <INSERT 15 MINUTE WALKTHROUGH> of well first we did the standard thing I do for anyone that asks me for an apartment and I went to and the next thing he said well yes I figured there was no section 8 housing in 10001, but then he said no I need something specific, and I said OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! SPECIFIC, that’s not the method I just showed you, you want to go to and you want to type in something like this THE CHATEAU APARTMENTS IN CINCINNATI OHIO and that brought up a list of links and the second link was this and it wasn’t even what he said but I dug deep enough into the meta data of the search engine that I pulled up the requisite data table tablature and I had him at a 2nd ranking for innaccurate data because I am an expert at scuba diving for data let’s say, and then I proceeded to let this elderly african gentleman a thing that you notice that africans do not become GENTLE or GENTILE until like 80 years old but then no one has a problem with them for about 80 years every european hates an african until they become elderly and then well they become european, they just become european slower than europeans and some of them become european i fucked up my math there anyways I asked him if he still remembered his playa moves and i was like well at that link the after spending 5 minutes of looking for a phone number I recommended writing them a 15 page letter to the upper left hand address and include pertinent business documents and let them know you want the ground floor apartment that you plan to sublet and invest $250,000 on and to boot you plan on taking out life insurance on the penthouse of the 15 floor apartment because if you want some random cash taking out life insurance on a penthouse that might catch fire is a sure way to do it he let me know i was a bad mamma jamma and then I was like alright hold on here’s the phone number and quite frankly the marque apartment in down town cincinnati is the music hall suite …

it’s when a client has me putting myself out of business on them that i do my finest work and i pray to god i never see them again for the same reason i just so i don’t have to repeat myself

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