This is flawless code, it’s regular, it’s organized, it’s flawlessly commented, it’s neat, it’s something you print out and store in a 5 foot tall 5 drawer high stack it low so it doesn’t fall over filing cabinet full of code print outs and then fill the fourth cabinet after you fill the fifth and work your way up careful not to affect it to tip over, this is flawless code, i never saw a reference manual that ever taught someone how to do this, and i read 750 of them cover to cover, i think is a public relationtions shit pit and it’s one thing to be secretive with your proprietary language, it’s another thing to unleash broken products on a market, i can understand someone in silicon valley being like, well if you want to be in this business, start with an ore refinery and get to the point where you have a chip, i can understand that, it’s when they go all we will all code and it’s an open source lovey dovey dirty rotten fuck ups inspired by aldus huxley’s brave new world the people bringing into reality the books that warned us what could happen and they make their promises they present their offerings and they waste people’s time and their reference section is always lacking and MDN should be done now a collaborative team on every silicon valley team should have it fleshed out by now and it’s not done and it’s pointless and a waste of time and it’s one thing to let the world know if you want to be involved in computers you have to start from the raw materials, it’s another to have up there and the tools to code with are in their state they are in, and the reference as well, they train in open source and they don’t know they were better off selling software in boxes in retail stores, silicon valley is the reason i look at africans like yeah we did do more than you but you didn’t do as much damage as us, my uncle tom lawson that 6’8” tall thing that wrote the original rap and shared it with the prison inmates in canton ohio works here and if i need an ore refinery i’ll call my uncle and let him know we’re in chips now


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