I’m supposed to be …

I’m supposed to be the father of a baby girl right now but i convulsed in my bed and experienced an abortion and actual abortion this was botched that bad it’s not the woman that experiences abortion it’s the man and i convulsed dark a fit bleed in my bed convulsing with abortion and i survived but my little girl did not and it’s because of a probate court i’m well into my family years single and writing and the probate court of cincinnati saw fit for 15 years to rob me of an innocent story that any nice lady would pick up, now i have to get with nicki minaj or trina or rhianna or iggy azalea or all four of em tied up in my basement to be fed pudding once a week for two years and hosed off with a garden hose to keep the lice out their head, i could have had a normal life, but the sex court  got involved in me, and nick lachey was a singer, and i was nick lawson and he was from finney town and i was from north college hill, and i’ll put it like this, let a motherfucker i wish a motherfucker would ask me to sign my child up for anything … i’ll just put it like that

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