E-Letter from Western Logic to Brendan Carr in regards to Net Neutrality sent 1 hour ago and I doubt it arrived in his not junk email … shada shada shada …

Nicholas Lawson <nephlo@nephlo.com>

8:48 AM (1 hour ago)

to Brendan.Carr

3 Men vs 2 Women

Brendan Carr, I can tell by the look on your face it’s up to you.
Contingency Plans for my life’s work at http://www.nephlo.com hosted on WordPress.com
I don’t trust the internet as a foundation for my future wealth.
Contingency Plans
Taking Apache Server and Installing it on my Dell Desktop Computer and Routing a Neighborhood onto a Shared Network, rebuilding my internet one node at a time
Take a thumb drive and installing my website on that thumb drive and taking a 1996 local drive computer in my parent’s basement and writing on it and filling up a thumb drive and selling my thumb drive for $150, a preferable form of hand to hand business
Taking my writing and filling notebooks up with writing and research and development from University Graduate and Seasoned Professional and filling notebooks and auctioning them off at Christe’s Auction House in New York City to the Highest Bidder
Getting a Job at my Local Coffee Shop and taking their Coffee Shop Cork Board with a seriousness I never thought I would
Selling Pamphlet’s of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense and My Own Nicholas Lawson’s Common Sense in the aftermath of a major shake up of what I trained to participate in my entire professional life
Taking an Epson Printer and Printing Out Documents and Selling them as hand bills for cash
Brendan Carr, I always state for the record the internet is an amalgam of fuck ups that are an atrocity to the logical mind, I get and understand your need for control of Tim Berners Lee’s invention of a decentralized network of computers, I understand your need for complete control
You just will never have it.I might know that it never ends even though you think it will.

Western Logic Incorporated
with first subsidiary
with second subsidiary
and with third subsidiary
289 – 82 – 7363
Nicholas Lawson Standing Republican Voted Republican was Raised Republican
411 Gest Street
Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio 45203

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