photon was a thing in cincinnati and so was the thing you got into at forest fair mall with the original oculus rift, the thing i might still be inside of, like it’s plausible my father signed me up for a video game, like and i’m still playing, because i put my head inside a game of lazer tag, like i played virtual lazer tag in a mall and i paid $1 and then i got to put on a helmut and where i looked it looked and it’s hard to describe but like the oculus rift got better it went from the flawless mall version that was awesome and like mall arcades were fun as shit, like i remember playing x men and simpsons and street fighter, like i might want to approach JACK’s in Cincinnati, and tell them to swap out the penny pinching arcade games and swap in quarter grabbing fucking it’s take 50 dollars and get 5000 pennies day, it’s monday on monday and on monday it’s clean out my account in pennies day to make my point

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