Before Sleep During Sleep After Sleep : Before Life During Life After Life : Before Death During Death After Death

I woke up this morning with an equation in my head, something that can be useful in terms of language to opening up the dialectic of the imagination so that we can discuss more to the point what this might be, is this the apex of something, is this before something, is this after something, I spend my time sleeping and I feel alive during my sleep, sleep and death are similar in that there is no consciousness in either, but in sleep there is a hear beat, in death there is sleep but no heart beat, but I ask that in death is there a function of the brain that still senses, does the heart need to beat for the part of the brain that uses the rest of the body as a tool to experience a sense, is there sense after death, is this a fluid experience that we work through is the birthing process and the dying process intertwined, is this time period comprised of people that are always the people that comprise this time period, if anyone has eternal life do we all?

Is there a sense among us that at a funeral we believe that the person may go to heaven or there are people that may go to hell, what if we all go to heaven, what is this is heaven, what if we died in a previous life to end up in this life, it has been said there is a seventh heaven the buddah’s have said, it takes seven lives to perfect oneself, in this life is there a way to channel our understanding of the natural universe, and for every physics equation that gives us insight into dark matter, or the super string theory, or any number of other things that mathematics can map it’s language onto, can mathematics map it’s language onto the before life the during life and the after life.

Can you take a human being and allow them to live forever in a world where there are organs that are being grown and is there surgery less immortal life, one day will there be a syrum that if drank every day beyond water, like water+ that if you drink the water+ you will find yourself that your organs and your entire body is cleansed every time you drink it and you will find eternal life, is that a thing that could happen, I wrote it so did i tap into the universe of thought that exists in that do these thoughts resonate with truth in the form of I have seen the matrix and the sensations i experience in my body every day lead to amounts of data that my brain processes that lead to writing like this, i am never void of feeling

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