letter to april ayers Lawson

Well I could contact you on facebook yesterday to comment on literature, and now, I can’t leave comments for you on facebook. The last comment I left you was my phone number and then I was blocked from contacting you. I don’t want to live in a world with barriers between people. I think if someone has a or feels a need to communicate with someone they should have that open line of communication for a more fluid society. I think in the wake of the content management system enterprise development on the internet starting with I believe black planet dot com, that the future of the internet is open lines of communication between all people so that the most intel is integrated into the most people. That I cannot contact you on facebook casually and discuss literature, is a failure of the content management system world, I noticed you wrote romance I made some romance like comments in a playful way, I notice the way you present yourself is with a most serious stern look, you are clearly a serious author because you present yourself as serious, I am a serious author but I present myself as approachable and I focus on my personality. I just of the people that I would like to spend time with online to discuss literature it would be an april ayers Lawson as we have similar credentials but are from disparate socities, I am from motherfucking Cincinnati ohio where there is no publishing industry and I am working to bring print on demand to Cincinnati ohio so that we can be a city that reads itself that is written by itself that can be a model for cities around the world to be able to read themselves and write to themselves from themselves in a world with print on demand I think that a city needs to know who writes in it’s city as currenty Cincinnati ohio reads a lot of writing from cities that are not Cincinnati we watch a lot of films that are not Cincinnati ohio and we watch a lot of television that is not Cincinnati ohio and I am working on developing the model for cities around the world to be into themselves in a world with as much camera as there is available I want to live in a world where the city I live in is in communication with itself in the media and and the arts and I just thought I would let you know I am chagrin I could not bring a smile to the serious puss you present to the world, those are the faces I usually and typically light up the most with laughter. I am that charming.

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