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each of these internet properties is worth over a billion dollars on the stock market they are each valuated over a billion dollars and it is reported regularly in the press that that is so

okay fine so someone takes a second to upload a content management system to the internet, for some reason consumers are being binged on and the content management system has no opinion on anything whatsoever, it would be like if the cincinnati herald was valued at over a billion dollars without a single story on it’s website

facebook void of content is worth how much?

twitter void of content is worth how much?

where does the value for these databases come from i would say the data

if it hit headline news world wide that content management was worthless and content was king how would a planet feel if it knew that because it used a product that that product was now worth billions of dollars and quite frankly everyone could be doing it themselves as a boon to hosting

if people knew that by getting involved in their own web design and by taking up web design as a field of study they would be better off if people knew how detrimental to their business using facebook was

facebook is not the same as your god given name . com

the consumer produces the content that the content management consumes and then becomes worth billions of dollars and then facebook doesnt collect it’s content and print it into books

i read about net neutrality again

great so what i am to learn here is that the federal government is going to get involved in the internet at the highest levels and then i am going to be cut off from using a content management system that needs me for it’s valuation

so net neutrality passes and then comcast and verizon and time warner and at and t all get involved and it becomes more expensive to use the internet and i can’t get the content i need to write at and what they are saying is they are going to put more cost on the consumer that produces the value for content management

as i understand it i am 15 years involved in a thing that is greedy and sells my work without my consent and i do the work and some nitwit that put together 15 lines of code and called all of his friends and squadded up in another part of town i know mark zuckerberg needs me to give his company value that’s why i don’t use it i don’t do business with under grads

i just know that 90% of the billion dollar business on the internet isn’t in content they are content nets and quite frankly they seem like they are allergic to doing business

i don’t think there is a class in harvard business school that teaches people how or why to pay someone $50 cash i just don’t think the harvard business elite know more about $50 in cash than i do, just saying, any of them

i just know that there are like 6 marque billion dollar properties on the internet and i know this because especially on facebook every day in the news on facebook i learn about how much money mark zuckerberg has and i know he has it because 2 billion people wrote something on his website

no i don’t trust the internet, i have to deal with squirrley people that don’t care about trust that fly bitches in from new york city to fuck them that do cocaine that complain that have no morals don’t acknowledge the existence of god when GOD is right there to stare at and quite frankly

quite frankly

i just really wish people would get their shit straight because about 7 billion people are responsible for content right now and some people that went to computer science school that don’t know shit about liberal arts think they have a say in how shit goes in the liberal arts

i think silicon valley is retarded and that the west coast has it’s first major business and it’s online and it’s in san diego and san francisco and they did get the cash infusion but it’s like there are some people my age that have geebs more cash than i do and i’m the reason their content management properties are worth more than nothing me representing anyone that has an account with facebook.


the account holders

Nicholas Lawson

Future Business:
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