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I don’t think television should be reporting on what happens in court rooms, bedrooms, or congressional pulpits, I think that random americans are being given insight into a world that they are not mentally prepared to have an opinion on, I don’t think small towns of 600 can have an opinion on how business is done in a city of 12 million like new york city or washington dc or hollywood, i think what is acceptable to the big city man or woman is outright sadism to a small town country bum in terms of culture, i think sex is a part of life, i think sex is a communication tool between men and women, and men and men and women and women, i think that there are people that are not intelligent enough to have sex, for some reason i know about harvey wesinstein and i know he slept with some 50 women over 10 years as part of his production company, that’s hollywood business, that’s also the same city that is the capital of the world’s porn industry, i don’t think the east coast and the south and the midwest can pass judgement on a west coast culture that is heavily steeped in 18th century prostitution as during the gold rush the main expenditure of time on the west coast was sex and drinking liquor during the build up of the west, and that’s the west’s culture, it has sex embedded in it’s language, i think that sex is a small thing, it’s not a big thing, i think pregnancy is a big thing, and i think if people want to build character, and be better people they will have more sex with more people, i don’t think sex is a taboo subject, i just think most people have very little sex, know very little about sex, rarely have sex, so sex is big to them and those people, just not everyone

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