598 – I remember when nigga’s did their shit the way they did their shit because they were all qualified paralegals and that’s why they could do their shit, because they were qualified paralegals, somewhere along the Nigga Wit Attitude plot line, nigga’s lost their paralegal status, and they used to have paralegal status, now they just don’t and an emo kid caught fire in a music video and killed himself the next day

Sugh Knight had a problem with New York so he went up to Mark Zuckerberg and called a meeting with Sergey Brin and was like, I need a chopper, and Brin was like you can have mine, and Sugh Knight loaded up the chopper with rappers and, and he decided to do New York City in a way that pissed of Doctor Dre because Sugh Knight actually needed a chopper so that Ice Cube’s kid could paratroop into central park to do his show.

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