597 – Jungle Jim’s Is a Winner it’s like what Walt Disney would have done if he was into Grocing

Jungle Jim is basically in the same league as Walt Disney. Jungle Jim began a produce stand in North College Hill and then he moved out to fairfield to open up a huge food extravaganza. You can find food from lithuania to brazil to china to england and the united states of america at Jungle Jims. You can no matter what nationality you are from find the food you grew up on at Jungle Jim’s.

Jungle Jim’s is like where Kroger’s was 200 years ago. In spite of the fact that Kroger’s has market dominance in Cincinnati, Ohio; Jungle Jim decided he would do it his way anyways. Doing it Walmart style on a 2nd store putting his 1st and 2nd store profits into a 3rd store. Jungle Jim’s is the place that you can get literally the finest food on this planet. From the finest durian to the finest fish. You can find it all at Jungle Jims.

Even though Kroger’s has supreme market dominance in Cincinnati, Ohio and a CIA headquarters world food data base in Downtown Cincinnati, Jungle Jim’s is still doing it his way.

Jungle Jim’s doing it his way in spite of Kroger’s Market Dominance.

Jungle Jim’s

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