McVey – ask him about teeth seals

I’d travel from guam to be in this dude’s hands.

Wouldn’t let the dentist at Summit Behavioral do my dental work, I had another filling coming in my right molar, and I was like this X Ray does not have a cavity, and I noped on him, so now i’m going to see MY TEETH HANDS , and if I was in paris and needed dental work I’d hop on the choncord get on the ultra light and and like be back for dinner if I needed 2 more fillings, if the top molar’s come, if I need Paul Wall to be my dentist, I can go with Paul Wall, like for prevention, like at 8 if I have a son, he get’s sealants, on his teeth at 16 and never has a cavity to worry about.

Seal Your Teeth and hit a McVey seal for me.

I hope I get a blowjob from my nurse just because I’m that hot right now, I’m a hot man on a hot boy’s turf Bobby Shmurda lookin on ya’ll wit it bobby shmurda style on ya’ll, fuck yeah bobby shmurda can get his seals in compton, just right up the street from peach blossom.

at least a bit coin but I know this dude that got more than me, easily squashed dude, shout out to the nas’s daq and dow jones,

initial public offering, giving admin rights for a buick

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